Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blogging from the airport.

Well, it is 1:47 PM and I am still stuck in the Chicago airport. I would be ticked off about the whole situation, but I guess it is all a part of the mafan (troubles) that you have to cope with while spending time in, or making your way to, China. So, rather than get down about the situation, I have making the best of it. I am hanging out with a ton of new "friends" who are enjoying teaching me some new phrases, and just chatting to pass time. I realize that I don't really need to go to China to keep studying Chinese, I just need to be the only yang ren (ocean person) around, and people will inevitably speak Chinese with me.

My bad luck took a turn this morning as well when I ran into Xiao Gu (his blog can be found by clicking here) a friend of mine who is also China bound. He was taking the Hong Kong flight and taking a train from there, but it was great to catch up for just a bit, and give a few nervous english teachers some quick advice about having fun in China. It is funny, but I feel like I am in a bit of a different sphere. I feel more comfortable chatting with the Chinese people, than I do with the English teachers (on my flight) who speak little to no Chinese and are worried about every little detail of living in China. They way I see it, this is all just a part of the overall adventure. No matter what kind of obstacle is in my way, I will try my best to overcome and have fun while doing it. Well, time to get back to chatting about benmingnian (本命年 my birth year) and all the things I forgot to do that caused the late departure. Because next year is the year of the OX I should be more cautious when approaching new situations i.e. wearing red undies, or wearing a red bracelet. Guess next time I fly I will be more cautious of the my inner wardrobe choices.

Talk to you all when I get to Shanghai. Fear not, I am still China bound!
Gao Jian

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  1. Admirable attitude towards bumps in the road, Jake! Looking forward to sharing your newest adventure in China, through your blog. Safe travels. Aunt Deb