Monday, August 24, 2009

In Shanghai safe and sound!

Well after an 8 hour delay and a 14 hour flight I have finally made to my hostel in Shanghai. Check in was a breeze, and as advertise, my room had hot water to use. The flight was rather uneventful, I slept most of the way, which is going to make for a brutal first night of staying awake the whole time. At least I will have some beers to drink, and hopeful a bit of international company. After getting into Shanghai I met a gentlemen who was kind enough to share a cab into the city. Because of my late arrival I was unable to check out the maglev (one of the fastest trains in the world) but after a 30 minute cab ride I arrive at the hostel. It feels great to jump right into my adventure with a confidence over my language skills. I haven't had to use english yet, which feels so strange as opposed to my arrival in Taiwan last year. I am not sure what I will do tomorrow, but I am sure that I can figure out plenty of things to do. Even though I have just arrived, I feel right at home here in China. The people seem a bit more reserved, and I saw a mother giving her child a bath outside her storefront, but it has a very similar vibe to Taiwan. Not much else to report yet, and I haven't even taking a picture yet, but don't worry my photo reel will be updated very soon. For now I think I am going to have a much needed pijiu (beer) before I start to figure out what I should do tomorrow. I might also add a trip to Suzhou (a 40 minute train ride outside of Shanghai) before my stay here in Shanghai is over. I am excited at the prospect of being an adventure in a foreign land once again.

Well, time to get that 2 dollar beer and start making new friends!


  1. I finally had the chance to get caught up with your blog!

    Glad to hear that you've made it safe and sound Jake!

    I would wish you good luck, but if I remember correctly, you make your own luck. Not sure? Here's how:
    "To attract good fortune, spend a new coin on an old friend, share an old pleasure with a new friend, and lift up the heart of a true friend by writing his name on the wings of a dragon."

    I got this off a site of Chinese Proverbs, so I hope it sounds familiar!

    Take Care and Stay Safe!

    Aunt Carrie

  2. "_ _ _ _ " Fill in whatever the Chinese is for "Prosit" I shall join you in that beer, half a world away! Herm is coming over for a fire and chat, we will be singing the praises of the Suave and brave new generation (that'd be YOU!) that faces new situations with confidence and an open mind (and beer in hand!)
    - Dad

  3. 你也因该去杭州看看西湖。古话说得好,上有天堂,下有苏杭。苏州和杭州在古代就像人间天堂。

  4. Jake, Needless to say we are all happy to learn that you arrived safely in China. Good that you're able to have some relaxation time before school starts. Suzhou is the city I hoped you would be able to visit. My silk paintings are from the "Garden of Master's Fishing Net", in Suzhou. Be safe. Hugs, gma

  5. Glad to hear you arrived safe and have your prioirities straight in grabbing a brew! I too shall join you in drinking a great beer, though I'll wait until work is over.

    Have a great semester!